17 October 2011

Small and beautiful death

Lovely art by Vickie Wade, you can check her Etsy shop here

My working day started with a small and beautiful death. I found a little bluetit on the ground, just in front of the music school where I work...

All of us have some kind of fobia: mine are birds and death.. After few secounds of hesitation I crowched and took the bird  in my hand. I was amazed how incredibly tiny, frail and so still she was, half of the size of my palm.. She was still breathing, but suddenly she stopped. I even think I saw the last breath..

And so, that was it, I thought. Just like that. No drama, no fear. So peaceful . And beautiful in a way.. I was still holding her, overwhelmed with the memories of my childhood, my grandfather, his bird houses on a trees
beneath my window and small bluetits comming in winter to eat bread crumbles he left for them...

I would have give anything to see the small body in my hand breathing again, just as I would like to see bluetits comming on my grandfather's window in winter again and him, telling me stories about them..

The day went on. It left me quiet, pensive and somehow sad....


  1. how tragic, but sadly its part of our circle, but looking into the "bright" side the same way she left a memory within you she might have done the same with other people and thats something, the simple though of me talking about her a bird i never saw, makes a difference

  2. Thank you Tony on your lovely comment. You are right, although sad, it makes sence...