13 October 2011

Inspiration: The lady of the camellias

There have been many adaptations of famous story "Lady of the Camellias" by Alexandre Dumas  for stage (opera, ballet, theatre) and for the big and small screen. The plot inspired G. Verdi to write "La Traviata" and numerous  directors exploited it in movie versions, of wich my favourite being the one from 1936. by G. Cukor, "Camille", with Greta Grabo and Robert Taylor.

A few days ago I stumbled on another screen adaptation by Italian director M.Bolognini from 1981., named "La storia vera della signora dalle camelie", with one of my favourite actresses, magnificent Isabelle Huppert in the main role.

Slightly dark, decadent atmosphere, the distinguished charm of european movie, costume design and the very appearance of  I. Huppert, inspired me to the extent that I decided to use it in my next illustration and photography work...

The next day, while my head was still full of the movie scenes, the coloring and the costumes, I bought this scarf on the flea market...

Maybe I wouldn't have bought it if this movie scene hadn't been stuck in my mind :

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