22 October 2011

Mess is beautiful

By the recommendation of a fellow blogger...my day in a sentence, yesterday evening I watched the movie  "Love and Other Drugs". It was a pleasant pastime with a strong (too strong ;) moral message (Parkinson can have a happy end), with cute actors (J.Gyllenhaal and A. Hathaway), who were more naked than dressed (which kind of surprised me from the American movie of this genre) and with a few good jokes.

The fact that fascinated me the most  is a beutiful loft where Maggie (Hathaway), talented artist with Parkinson desease lives, but so messy that is simply beautiful. After this, I've conveniently decided to put away my broom for a while and stop trying to get some order in artistic mess of my life :)


and this is the actual set from the movie (via casasugar):

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I didn't really expect that I'd inspire someone to see it. :)
    Now that you've pointed it out, it *does* show a lot of skin for a US movie; this is something I'd expect to see in a European flick.

    Anyways, you are spot on with that loft; the best thing about it is that messiness. I believe it gives the whole apartment a somewhat cosy feel to it. :)