26 March 2013

To the people who are searching...

"The fact that I'm fully involved in this situation, creates a link to the people who are searching....I live my life in a way that seems right to me..."  
These are the words of Yan, living in Burgundy, France, who left his career in pharmacy only to become a shepperd and cheesemaker, in which he found his fulfillment and life purpose. These kind of stories will never stop inspiring me. Take a look at this beautifly made short film about Yan.
Since I'm obviously and desperately searching for a splash of colour on another snowy, gloomy, supposed-to-be-spring day, I'm grateful people like these exist :) :

Via Le 21eme


  1. Kako je cool!
    I ne brini se, život se uvijek može promijeniti.

  2. kako divna inspiracija!
    i ja se tako nadam da cu jednog dana prosto otici u drugom pravcu :)

    1. Ja radim na tome da odem u drugom pravcu ;)