26 March 2013

Naked truth

Lately I've been thinking how we strive to create false picture of ourselves in our virtual reality that often quite differs from the one in real, flash-and-blood life. It's normal and everyone seems to do it from time to time, because it's so easy. We tend to post pictures and statuses on social networks that are supposed to present us as funny, smart, educated, happy, successful, busy, rich, easy-going person, with refined taste in music, books, movies, art, fashion, whatever, you name it... Of course, we are all that, but I was wondering how we (me in the first place) tend to hide our less appealing side, the one that is sad, angry, depressed, bored, desperate, envious, heartbroken..And it's normal.

I really started to admire people who can expose their truth in front of others without holding back, no matter what form this disclosure comes in. It takes certain amount of bravery. That's why I decided to create another blog with my intimate thoughts and feelings, written in my mother tongue to give me more freedom of expression. I must admit I feel quite naked and exposed, but somehow I felt the urge to do it, to stay true to myself. Of course I will continue to post regularly here on Goose & Cloud, I'll keep it as my superficial bright side ;)

Although I'm doing it for merely therapeutical reasons,  if you ever had any interest to read someone's intimate babeling, in this case, well, mine, you are more than welcome to visit me here.

Why the name "Je t'aime melancolie"? I remembered an old hit of the same name by Mylene Farmer and because I've been trying to deny this part of me for so long. Maybe I'll help it heel this way...


  1. dobrodošla i želim ti puno lijepih postova!

  2. I ja se ponekad pitam isto.... i stvarno, treba hrabrosti, slažem se...