15 March 2012


Remember those primary school scrapbooks we used to write in, answering all sorts of questions, from colour of our eyes to our favourite drinks, numbers, songs, etc.?

Well I've been awarded with lovely "award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world“ by Asja . Thank you Asja! <3

However, accepting this award I had to answer a few questions that reminded me about scrapbooking I passionately pursued in the days of my early teens and devotedly kept my treasured notebooks with answers of my classmates :) So, here we go:

I had to nominate two bloggers to do the same, but I guess everyone is  fed up with those chain awards, so whoever wants to answer these is welcome! Have a nice day! ;)


  1. lijepo izvedeno ovo s odgovorima!

  2. hvala što si odgovorila, jako mi se sviđa tvoj scrapbook :)

  3. Baš super si napravila, učinila si ovu igru zanimljivijom!

  4. Sva si van kutije ;) Po boji smo vršnjakinje, a rununkuluse sam otkrila tek nedavno i opčinili su me :)

    1. I meni su ranunkulusi nedavno otkriće! ;)