23 January 2012

Hidden treasures

I live in a beautiful country. Truly. Sometimes I forget this and every now and then need a reminder.
A few weeks ago, I visited  the old castle of Severin, 60km from my town, dating from the 16th century. The castle itself, once in possesion of old croatian aristocratic family Zrinski-Frankopani, is now abandoned and I doubt that lot of pople even know about it, except the locals..I go there occasionally and get impressed and fascinated and inspired every time... Well, pictures say more than words..

The most interesting part for me is the small chapel in the castle garden...

 ...and beautiful, almost mystical park around the castle...

...with river Kupa, quietly flowing underneath...

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So, next time  you are passing by Severin in Gorski Kotar county, don't forget to take a peek what's behind that old bus station..You'll be surprised what you'll  find! ;)


  1. Posve se slažem s tobom: živimo u predivnj zemlji! Za mene je ona komadićak raja. Svaki kraj ima svoju draž, posebnost i ljepotu. Uspjela si uhvatiti dio na fotkama! :)

  2. http://olhardireito.blogspot.com/2012/01/dobrodosli-hrvatski.html

  3. I love the old churchs, is like they "tell their story". Beautiful pictures. I especially like the shadows in the wood.

    1. This one is also my favourite! Thank you! :)

  4. ja baš volim ovu zemlju.
    samo treba otvoriti oči, na svakom koraku čeka neko iznenađenje :)

  5. Bila sam u Severinu ali samo na kratko, pa kad idući put budem prolazila definitivno ću navratiti i tu. Hrvatska je predivna zemlja, ima toliko malih bisera i skrivenih kutaka, samo ih treba pronaći :)

  6. ovako na slikama mi djeluje kao odličan set za snimanje nekog filma :)

  7. Wow! Stvarno super lokacija!