17 January 2012

Fairy trees

I've always concidered birch a fairy tree, slim, elegant and white, standing out from the rest of the dark, sluggish chunky surrounding... The web of their thin, white brunches remids me of a fairy hair..

It was bright, sunny day when I shot these on one of my trips through suburbia. They looked nice on the blue background of the sky, but it wasn't untill I converted the photos in black&white, that their unusual beauty and elegance came to the full potential.. And also because my mind is currently cluttered with all sorts of things, the b&w expression just soothes my eye and soul.

And thanks to Melita, whose wall will soon be a window to the birch forrest ;)

Copyright © 2012 Lana Cosic - All rights reserved.


  1. Beautiful shots. I especially like the last one for the contrast.

  2. Thank you, Dany! long time no see ;) Glad you like it!

  3. Prelijepe breze, definitvno kao da su izašle iz bajke!

  4. meni su malkoc zastrašujuće i moćne. kao da su stale, i digle ruke i evo sad će nešto reći, nešto bitno:)
    krasan post, Lana.

  5. Slažem se, i meni su malo zastrašujuće. Kao neki duhovi. Ali definitvno lijepe i mistične.