16 December 2011

Homemade, crafty Christmas presents!

The Christmas is coming closer and closer, but unfortunately, our wallets are not so heavy as they used to be before the time of crisis.  Yes I know, my ears are tired of hearing this word over and over again, but the undeniable facts are telling something completely different. So, why not turning this into advantage and challenge for your creativity?

In todays consumer society, a present that you made yourself, puting your love, time and energy making it, may be thousand times more valuable than the one you simply took from a shelf in the store and spent your money on.

Here are some beautiful examples of crafty and creative projects you could try making yourself and put it  underneath the Christmas tree as a present for someone you love. It's exactley what I will do!

Homemade snowglobe. Tutorial here

Felted flower. Tutorial here
Free printable owl calendar here

Lace flowers

Lace necklace. Tutorial here
Charming bookmarks. Tutorial here
Doily luminaries. Tutorial here
  You can choose person's color and initial here, print it on the greeting card, or have it framed
Unique piece of artwork. Link here

You see, possibilities are numerous! So, what are you waiting for?! ;)


  1. Odlićan odabir ideja, najviše mi se sviđa lace necklace pogotvo plava varijanta. Pokloni napravljeni s ljubavlju specijalno za nekoga uvijek imaju veću, barem sentimentalnu vrijednost :)

  2. Apsolutno se slažem, Asja! :)

  3. ta čipka mi je must have :D