16 December 2011

Don't forget yourself this Christmas!

I know that giving is a beautiful and noble feeling, especially when you give to someone you love.  We have alwas been taught to love, cherish and be kind to others, but noone ever tought us to be loving and kind to ourselves. That's why it's so hard. So this year, give your loved ones presents you bought or made with so much care, but don't forget to put a small gift for yourself underneath the Christmas tree. You deserve it!

I decided to treat myself with a present I wanted for a long time: Moleskine notebook ( I wrote about my obsession with Moleskine here ). Although it was quite expensive for my budget,  I couldn't resist when I saw their new line with Little Prince on the front cover. There was also a sentence that said : "L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux" ( Most important things are invisible to the eye ). So true, I thought, happily walking away from the store with a new notebook in my bag.

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  1. Pa i ti si zaslužila da se počastiš, jel' tako!

  2. Apsolutno, Tina! A i ti! ;)