7 April 2013

Immodest wishlist

I'm trying not to think in the terms of  omnipresent recession and I'm really tired of sayings "Enjoy the small things", bla, bla...Most of the time I'm really enjoying small pleasures, but what about those big ones? We shouldn't forget them either!

Come on, let's face it we are consumeristic society, so why try to fight it!?
Btw, you know what they say "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you?ll lend among the stars." ;)

This is my shamelessly immodest wish list:

1. Big Bed. Not Big Ben ;) Well, that's more of a necessity at the moment, cat and I are really squeezed in the present one...

2. Canon Eos 5D Mk II

3. Apple products. Not because I need them desperately, but simply because they are beutiful. That's more than enough.

4. House on the beach. Nearness of the sea.

5. Travel, travel, travel.

6. Route Paris-Istanbul in Orient Express

7. And, if  I want to be extremely spoiled - Mont Blanc pen

How about yours? ;)


  1. uf, potpisujem, sve!
    ja samo mek preskacem :)

  2. onaj travel, travel, travel mi je trenutno prvi na listi!

  3. i ja bi sve , osim iProizvoda :)

  4. Prve tri stavke se skromno odričem uz garanciju da će mi preostale biti zagarantovane :D