7 March 2013

When nothing makes sense...

So, what do you do then? When nothing makes sense anymore, when everything you do doesn' feed your soul but leaves you empty, when you feel so stuck in the route and don't know how to get out from it, when nothing makes you happy, even the things that used to?

Tell me, what do you do?...

The safest way is to blame it on the politicians...;)


  1. vrijeme je za promjene...

  2. .... uz političare okrivim štitnjaču!

    1. Vidiš, uopće nije loša ideja! ;)

  3. no, the safest way it to blame evil alien race of lizard-people who are creating illusion of fear and uncertainty through media and then feed on our fear and anxiety- kad sve zakaže okreneš se teorijama urote :) ili okriviš loše biometeorloške uvjete- jedno od to dvoje :)