7 February 2012

A long way home

The Siberian cold and snowy front is doing a lot of troubles in this part of Europe, but I am actually loving it. Finally, winter became winter in full sense of the word. According to specialists, every year will be less and less snow, due to the global warming, so why not enjoy it while we can!

A few days ago, snow took a short rest before it started snownig heavily. On that very day, I went to the store to buy some gorceries, but the weather was so nice it took me a long time while I was back home again. I happened to have my camera with me, so I took a few shots...

I figured this will also be a good opportunity to present my town in its snowy coat..

A small forrest just across the street from my building

Cemetery in my neighbourhood

Old castle of Dubovac above the Catholic cemetery

Scarecrow who's services are not needed at the moment
Shy announcement of spring


  1. Sve izgleda tako lijepo i uspavano... I ja volim zimu, daleko mi je draža od ljeta. Nekako "čišća"...

  2. Konačno prava zima, mislim da smo se svi nekako odvikli od nje. I ova serija zimskih fotki je prekrasna.

  3. Very nice captures. I'm also fascinated from the cemeteries that are plenty of history.