28 January 2012

Becoming a crafty person

I cought myself wondering how I became a crafty person...

As a key figure of my childhood, my grandpa, a storyteller and magician (as he seemed to me), had his fingers in this matter too. Being a very meticulous man in everything he did, as a little girl of 8, I loved spending time in a shed where he kept all his tools in souch order that it almost looked like apothecary. I remember playing for hours there, hammering the nails everywhere I could, sawing and..well, just making mess around me.

The one thing I was especially fascinated with was a big vice that my grandpa fastened to a huge stump, standing upright, so it also served as a working surface. For those of you who don't know what vice is, this is it:


It's a tool that would actually pinch a certain object, keeping it steady and then you could process it as you wish. I was completely mesmerized with the things you could do with the vice, it seemed to me like the greatest invention ever.

As I said, my grandpa was a magician. So one day, I walked in the shed and saw a smaller stump, standing beside the bigger one, but fastened on it was a small cute vice! And it was blue! :) It looked like this:


It was for fine mechanics, grandpa explained to me very seroiusly. I didn't know what "fine mechanics" actually was, but nevermind, I was overwhelmed!

Well, I haven't produced anything of significant value on it, and, of corse, my infatuation didn't last for long, but anyway, I guess that was the beginnig. Probably the most beautiful thing in it is that there was also someone who could see it, know it and encourage it...So, thanks grandpa! <3


  1. Baš sam jučer razmišljala kako se po našim igrama već moglo zaključiti kakvi ćemo biti ljudi...

  2. Lijepe uspomene iz djetinjstva! I mene su uvijek fascinirali raznorazni alati kad sam bila mala, sad malo manje :)