20 December 2011

My illustrations on sale!!

I finally took the courage and decided to step out of the closet (which is not easy sometimes), so I employed my alter-ego - "business woman" to work for me, for a change ;).

I framed 20 of my illustrations and gave it for sale in a gift-shop "Mosaic", in the centre of my town. Illustrations are A4 and A5 format, framed in silver, golden and bronze frames, printed on high quality photo-paper, colours are vivid and lovely.

Here are some of the illustrations you can find there:

I know that I wrote about making your own Christmas presents, but if you are short of time and still want to give your loved ones something special for Christmas, please visit "Mosaic" gift shop in Karlovac (for my fellow citizens), or if you live abroad, feel free to contact me on my e-mail: tonkicapalonkica.frrr@gmail.com.
Thank you!


  1. Ne znam što si čekala do sad?! Super su ti radovi... meni osobno je prva naj!

  2. Hvala, draga Tina! A eto, sve u svoje vrijeme pa tako je i ovo moralo biti baš sad, valjda..:))

  3. ja se definitivno bilježim za kupnju jedne. :) ali vrijeme ti je da počneš ilustrirati sove. :P

  4. Odlićne su ti ilustracije, i meni je prva favorit!

  5. Haha, Denis, imaš pravo, bacam se na sove, nacrtat ću ti jednu ako želiš! ;)

    Asja, počašćena sam komplimentom profićke! Hvala puno! <3