23 November 2011

Lemon Cake & Two Cats

..I've waited patiently whole year for Sagittarius to start its reign. And that day finally arrived today! To celebrate my sign taking over the lead, I felt inspired to make a cake. A lemon one. And, as always, I had help. Not one, but two. For all of you who didn't know , my little household containing of my big fat cat and me, got another small member :

This is Aisha. Last Friday I went to the market place and came back with this little creature. I found her near the caffe where I had tea with my friend. She came to me and I , of course, interpreted it as a "sign from heaven" ;).  She is very intrigued with my eyelashes moving and terribly amused with teasing my cat, who doesn't find it so interesting and is completely exhausted already from the immature company he didn't ask for :)

So, back to the cake. This is what you need:

4 eggs
120 flour
80g butter
1 baking powder
120g sugar
1 lemon
2 cats ;)

First separate yolks from the egg whites.

Then, mix the yolks and sugar.

Add lemon juice...

...and butter ( I put it in the freezer and then grated it).

Then, add flour and baking powder.

Mix egg whites into firm snow and add it to the mixture.

Mix everything evenly and put it in the oven for 25 min on the 180C.

...and voila! Great cake to eat with a cup of tea, good book or an old movie and with two cats purring in their armchair ! ;)


  1. krasno! sve! pogotovo mace!

  2. Novi član obitelji bi se mogao natjecati na nekom izboru ljepote za mace :))) Kako si samo uspjela slikati zijevanje?! Meni to nikad ne uspije.

  3. Haha, hvala ti, draga! Ne znam kako sam uspjela, tako joj je došlo, a ja slučajno imala aparat u ruci ! ;)