6 October 2011

To all the magicians of this world...

In Tarot card spread, there is a card in Major Arcana: The Magician. Somehow, I prefer this card more than the others. The meaning of this card depicts a person who is capable to create anything he/she wants, using only his own abilities,  which is, in my opinion, a true definition of the greatest power a man is capable of - creativity.

And so, the world needs magicians, alchemists and wizards to show us that magic still exsists and that the miracles are possible, only if we belive in  them. We need them to show us that we are free to do everything we can imagine...

Leonardo da Vinci (1452. -1519.)
Nikola Tesla (1856.-1943.)
Thomas Alva Edison (1847. - 1931.)
Walt Disney (1901.-1966.)

Steve Jobs (1955.-2011.)


  1. Neither of them are dead, just returned to their planets.

  2. haha, true.. I should've put Elvis here, too ;))